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Batik Art Class

Intro to Batik

Instructor Cindy Peterson


Daytime Class: SPRING Batik, 12 noon- 2 pm
Night Class: SPRING Batik, 6-8 pm


Have fun, learn new skills, and explore your artistic potential while working in a professional studio.

This is an introduction class to the beautiful ancient Indonesian art form of Batik. Students will create practice pieces painting directly on fabric, then they will create a practice piece dip dying their fabric, and then they will use both processes together on their fabric designs. Students will use unbleached muslin fabric for their projects.

Batik is a process where artists use wax to keep their fabric dyes from moving into unwanted places in their designs. Wax is used to arrest certain hand painted areas or dipped dyed areas of their composition. Wax is used to protect certain portions of your design from unwanted contamination of other fabric dyes or dip dyes. Wax is used to create the “crackle effect” only seen in the Batik medium.

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Last class includes a potluck & semi-formal critique on each student’s body of work. While supplies last, during Fall classes students are introduced to dying with natural ingredients.


  • Learn the history and the origins of this medium.

  • Learn how to apply wax to muslin fabric using tjanting tools, tjap tools, and stamping tools.
  • Learn the two process of Batik (one being hand painting fabric dyes directly on fabric and the other dip dying fabric in dye buckets).
  • Learn how to create the signature “crackle effect” on fabric.
  • And finally, learn how to remove the wax from fabric to finish your work.
  • Last class includes a potluck & semi-formal critique on each student’s body of work.
  • No prior art experience required.


  • Students will be supplied with studio fabric dyes while in class. Optional: if they wish they can purchase dyes and bring to class. Recommendation Dye-na-flow fabric dyes by Jacquard 2.25 fl. oz. bottles in primary colors of yellow, red, blue. Purchase at local Art supply stores.
  • 1 box of paraffin wax (purchase in Fred Meyers or Albertsons canning isles)

  • 3 or more yards of UNBLEACHED MUSLIN FABRIC (can purchase at any fabric store cheaper priced per yard is best)
  • Old newspapers (the more the better)
  • Scissors
  • Pair of Rubber dish washing gloves

  • Dress for a mess working with permanent fabric dyes that will not wash out of clothing.


In each Group Class there will be random draws in which one student will receive a free Batik Giveaway. Classes include: Batik, Draw & Paint, Ceramic, Sandblasting. There are several different designs & sizes included in the random drawings.

price $250.00

How do I sign up?

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Enroll In A Class
  • 10 week course

  • 2 hour classes
  • Daytime or Evening Courses
  • 4 to 10 people per class
  • No art training necessary

During group classes, there will be “Open Studio” TBA time/hours fee is $12.00 per hour. Students can come in and work on their projects. Cindy will be there monitoring and helping as needed, but not teaching.

Be aware, during the summer months, Cindy closes classes for vacation time.