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Ceramic Class

Intro to Ceramics

Instructor Cindy Peterson


Night Class: SPRING Ceramic, 6-8 pm


In the introduction to ceramics, students will be learning the basics of hand build objects out of clay. They will learn the additive process to building with clay, and they will learn the subtractive process to carving plaster of Paris.

This class will go over the clay sculpting kit and how to use the tools. Students will be shown demonstrations on a step-by-step process and then they will go off to work on their assignments with assistance if needed.

Students are advised that to get a minimum of 3 projects completed in this 8-week class they must take their projects home and work on them in between classes. Homework is due to the labor-intensive process and the drying time of clay. Dress for a mess most stains are not permanent to clothes but you will get dirty.

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Last class includes a potluck & semi-formal critique on each student’s body of work. No prior art experience needed.

Notice- There are no kilns in studio to fire ceramic projects. Students will be advised where to locally take their clay for firing & glazing to completion. The instructor will accompany the class on the day that they schedule to glaze their projects.


  • Learn how to knead and cut clay.
  • Hand build using coil method.
  • Roll out slabs.
  • Hand build using slab method.
  • How to slip and score to join clay.
  • Calibrate walls.
  • Build paper armatures.
  • Stages of dryness.
  • Bisque fire, and glazing clay for last fire.
  • Mix and pour plaster of Paris.
  • Basic hand/palm carving with simple knives.
  • The basic difference between Additive & Subtractive techniques in sculpting forms

Why do we need to know what an armature is or how to build one?
Armatures serve several useful purposes in free-standing clay sculpture. Firstly, they provide a frame upon which to build the clay. Secondly, they cut down the quantity of clay required so that the resulting sculpture is lighter and bakes thoroughly in a shorter time.


  • One 25 # pound bag of white clay (B-mix with grog, cone 5)
  • Beginners Clay Sculpting Kit (contains sponge, wire, needle, knife, etc.).
  • Supplies can be purchased at The Potters Center, 110 Ellen Street. Phone and hours are 378-1112 TUES-F 10-5:30, SAT 12-4.
  • Large Cool Whip plastic container 16 oz. (1 LB) size for mixing Plaster of Paris
  • Cheap paring knife can be purchased at Dollar Store or bring from home
  • Small misc. plastic bowl 16 oz. size and small cheap paint brush for mixing & applying “Slip”
  • Bring newspaper old or new doesn’t matter
  • Bring one or more clean 13 gallon bags (trash bag size) needed to cover clay projects. Make sure your name is clearly printed on plastic bags.


In each Group Class there will be random draws in which one student will receive a free Batik Giveaway. Classes include: Batik, Draw & Paint, Ceramic, Sandblasting. There are several different designs & sizes included in the random drawings.

price $175.00

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Enroll In A Class
  • 8 week course
  • 2 hour classes
  • Evening Courses
  • 4 to 10 people per class
  • No art training necessary

Additive Process

Subtractive Process

Ceramics artwork in action!

During group classes, there will be “Open Studio” TBA time/hours fee is $12.00 per hour. Students can come in and work on their projects. Cindy will be there monitoring and helping as needed, but not teaching.

Be aware, during the summer months, Cindy closes classes for vacation time.