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Custom/Commission Work

Your opportunity to own a unique piece of artwork.


Custom/Commission Work


The purpose of the is page is to convey to you Cindy’s ability AND willingness to create unique items across multiple mediums. Want to see a batik in a unique color or a wood carving in an odd shape? Have a particular space that needs a painting or a glass container that’s begging for a design to be sandblasted onto it? Discuss it with Cindy and see your idea become reality!

“Not all jobs need to be huge or expensive but there are hardly any other places for people to go to get this kind of custom one-of-a-kind service.

Customers can call, e-mail, or bring their projects to me for an estimate. I am willing to travel and give free estimates on large or unmovable projects. I am willing to travel to job sites and work in the field for $40.00 an hour.

It all starts with a conversation.”

Cindy Peterson

Glass Design Ideas

99% of the glass Cindy uses is recycled glass rescued from ending up in the city landfill. She gives the glass new lives and, hopefully, homes to live in.

Each piece of glass is chosen for it weight quality, color, and uniqueness of shape. Cindy hand sketches out designs, hand cut the images on the glass or ceramic surfaces, and blast them in her Sand Blaster. Each piece is signed by the artist by hand engraved. Glass or ceramic projects can be personalized as gifts for someone special.

Customer can purchase glass in the Studio and have it sandblasted. The can bring their glass from home to have it blasted; they can purchase it from another source and bring it in to be blasted. We can sandblast ceramic objects they reveal on first layer the contrast between the glazed and un-glazed surfaces, and on a second blast, they reveal the color of the fired clay beneath.

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Sandblasted Quartz

Medium: Mixed Media

Artist Cindy Peterson

These wood bases were carved out to driftwood gathered at the Payette River. There were cleaned, cut, carved sanded, planed, slots cut for glass. There was more carving than Cindy expected but it had to be done to get it right.

Once slots were cut they had to be refined with final carving, ground, and sanded, Assembled with Pine cones, Pine needles, and reeds. Plus a special touch of a real dried butterfly and dragonfly.

They are meant to tell a narrative story with each page adding a layer of information and interest to the overall composition. Truly a one of a kind art piece of mixed mediums.

They are easily assembled and un-assembled for easy cleaning.

Cindy Peterson
Fish On
Mixed Media
6 W x 8.5 L x 11 D

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Cindy Peterson
6 W x 8.5 L x 10 D
Mixed Media

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Batik Tote Bag or Green Shopping Bag

Cindy can create custom Batik fabric and sew you a tote bag of your own. All Customers do is contact Cindy with directions regarding subject matter and dimension of projects and she can give you a bid on costs. You can have detailed hand painted fabric, bold dipped dyed fabric or a combo of both techniques. Any design can be given the special “crackle effect” that is only achieved in the media of Batik. Prices influenced by details in techniques, crackle effect, and size of bag desired. Give us a call.

Batik Mandala Design matching a Logo

Dr. Mary commissioned Cindy to create a mandala design that matched her business card logo. Dr. Mary wanted a Batik to hang in her office waiting room area.

This was the largest Batik Cindy had ever made; dimensions were 48” W x 52” L.

To make this perfectly balanced design Cindy had to first create a pattern. She had to visually get the relative proportions correct within the overall design. Once she had that done she could start to lay out the pattern of the mandala on the large piece of fabric. Next, she applied the wax to the fabric, and began the long hand paint process of the individual mandala units.

It took days and days of applying more fabric dyes to build up the correct values. The mandala design was painted in an analogous color scheme with the background painted in complementary colors resulting in the piece visually vibrating. All the wax was removed. All sides of Batik had sewed finished edges. Top of Batik was sewn like a curtain so it could be hung on a rod in the office.

Dimensions: 48”W x 52”L

“Hi Cindy, Thank you for sharing the pics of the process…a lengthy process indeed. Sorry, it took so long to get back to you.

I am thrilled with the mandala and am so impressed with your artistic talent. It really energizes the front office. I trust you got the balance and are happy. I hope all is well with you.”

Dr. Mary M., Integrative Medicine of Idaho

Mandala Design

Custom T-Shirt Designs for Clients

Dr. Mary of Integrative Medicine of Idaho hired Cindy to create three different designs for white T-Shirts. She wanted the subject matter to be a wolf, a tiger, and a dragon.

First Cindy made gesture drawing sketches of these images. She got the approval of Dr. Mary on designs. She explained to Dr. Mary how dramatic it would to have black images on white T-Shirts. Next, she took her sketches a local T-Shirt shop, had their software designers flip the images into Negative Designs. Thus the subjects matter became black negatives that were ready to print on white Tee shirts.

The proofs are what Cindy created with the collaboration of a T-Shirt shop.  Dr. Mary paid for and owns the masters. She can now have the print shop print as many T-Shirts as she desires for her clients in her medical practice!

3 Gesture Drawing 11”W x 14”L

3 Reverse Negative Proofs for T-Shirts 8”W x 11”L

IMI T-Shirt
Sign of the Wolf

IMI T-Shirt
Sign of the Dragon

IMI T-Shirt
Sign of the Tiger

Larry H. Miller Subaru Car Dealership Logo

The General Manager of the Larry H. Miller car dealership hired Cindy to create a Batik of their Subaru car logo. She drew up sketches of her ideas. She imagined a car driving at night down a dirt road with the Subaru logo made of lights and stars in the night sky. In the sky there would be an obvious Subaru logo seen. As soon as the General Manager signed off on the sketch Cindy returned to her Studio to start creating the Batik. Cindy gave the Batik to the dealership and advised them on how to customarily frame the work. It was framed and hung in the Service Department Lobby.

Batik Subaru Logo

Custom Woodburning Gift

Jessica D. commissioned Cindy to create a wood burning; dimensions were 24.5” W x 12” L, as a present for her significant other. Her boyfriend was an avid outdoorsman and loved fishing. Cindy worked up the sketch based on a picture given to her by Jessica. After Jessica signed off of my design she sketched onto a wood slab.  The design was burned onto the wood slab, and for a bit of emphasis Cindy suggested for the fish to be painted with a tint of red color. Jessica was very pleased with the outcome and gave it to her boyfriend as a present.

Dimensions: 24.5”W x 12”L

“I wanted to share with you a screenshot of what I put on Facebook about the woodcarving. I gave him his gift early because I could stand not the anticipation of his reaction.

As I have said before, he is a man of few words, but if he says something he means it through and through. I handed it to him with the back facing him, when he turned it over he paused and just started looking at it side to side and top to bottom, running his hands across the top. All of
the sudden he said, “Beautiful!”

No to you and I that may seem simple, but the only time I hear use that particular word is when we are outdoors looking at a sunset or a nature scene. He truly thought it was beautiful! I asked him if he recognized the image and he knew exactly where and when the photo was taken that the wood burning is based on, with no prompting from me.

Thank you so much for helping me give him a one of a kind gift, that was specific to him and his life experience.

“That is amazing. Thank you Cindy!”

Jessica D.

Woodburning Fish

Batik Gift for Father

While attending a Batik Class at Cindy’s Art Studio Jill K., OD fell in love with a hand painted Batik of a horse called, On the Wind. Jill decided because her father loved horses so much and the colors would look great in his house that she wanted Cindy to create custom Batik for her. Cindy worked up the design using similar sizes 20” W x 23” L fabric. After Jill reviewed the sketch and signed off on it Cindy began her work. She sketched out design, applied waxed the fabric, and purposely used the same arbitrary color scheme as her ORIGINAL Batik. Jill was very happy with the resulting Batik of a horse galloping in the wind and later she sent it to her father as a present.

This is a situation where people who see some design they like but unfortunately it’s not for sale, they can commission Cindy to create a custom order for them. When Cindy re-create a Batik it won’t be perfectly the same as another; each time pieces will be a bit different. Applying wax is difficult and unless it’s was a machine doing it, there will be slight changes due to being human. But that’s not the case with drawing, wood burnings, or sandblasting glass—Cindy can duplicate those items exactly from her old sketches or patterns that she keeps in the Studio.

“In an effort to explore my creative side I took a Batik class through Boise Community Education. Honestly, I didn’t know much about batik, I thought it was just pretty fabric I made quilts out of.

Needless to say I was blown away by the artistry and in-depth thought and planning that goes into making a piece. Cindy is a wonderful instructor who encouraged thoughtful planning and unique perspectives. She also taught different methods for batiks. It was a really fun course and I would recommend it to anyone!

During the class I saw a batik on the wall of a horse, my father loves horses. Cindy commissioned a beautiful piece for my father. It was a perfect to his home. Thanks again Cindy!”

Jill K.
“As they say, nothing is impossible it just takes a bit of time and money to get things done. All people have to do is contact me, and I will give them all the details of what I can or cannot create. I don’t want to waste other people’s time or mine.”
Cindy Peterson

Commissioned Batik by Cindy

Sandblasted Custom Vase

Dona W. hired Cindy to do a quick and easy job on a 7” diameter vase. She wanted an oak leave design sandblasted on a brown glass vase. Cindy worked up a sketch of three slightly different leaves that Dona reviewed and approved. She then sketched out the leaves on the resist, cut out designs, and blasted the vase. This project was for Dona’s personal home use, and it was relatively inexpensive.

Dimensions: 7″ diameter

Sandblasted Leaf Pattern

Batik of Trip to Hawaii

Dona W. hired Cindy to create a Batik of a resent vacation. Cindy worked from a picture given to her by Dona. The size was 17” W x 13” L of fabric. Based on the budget cost Cindy’s simplified the image but kept the subject matter that was the most important. Dona was very happy with the Batik.

Dimensions: 17”W x 13”L

“To commemorate our recent trip to Hawaii, Cindy Peterson designed and made for us an 18″ X 24″ batik wall hanging illustrating the beautiful fish found in the islands. It hangs in our guest room and the vivid colors and artistry are always appreciated by our guests.”
Dona W.

Batik Memory

Custom Design Ideas for (RV) Recreational Vehicles

RV’s, can and do, pose a very particular and specific design challenge. Finding a piece of artwork to fit into some spaces is completely impossible unless you can have someone make it for you. Here’s Cindy’s solution on how to decorate a travel trailer’s recessed interior spaces.

Cindy had three small areas to design for; the length and width were different but the depth was the same. The idea came to her that she could fill these empty spaces with small canvas paintings.  Batiks can be stretched over a stretcher bars just like an oil painting. So she created three different Batik designs in three differing colors. Once the Batiks are done she took them to be professionally dry cleaned; all the wax is removed thus the fabric becomes supple. Cindy built very small custom stretcher bars, and stretched the fabric over bars securing them with staples. She then installed stretched Batiks into the dead spaces in a travel trailer.

This is a fantastic decorating idea for those who love their campers, travel trailers, and 5th wheels! All one of a kind artwork, for one of a kind people. No more wiping the dust out of the empty ugly spaces in your RV!


flower 5 ¾” W x 5 ½” L x ¾” D,
Kitchen name 20” W x 4 ¾” L x ¾” D,
Landscape 18 ½” W x 5 ½” L x ¾” D.

Custom Decorating Solutions

Carrying Cabinet with Custom Wood Burning Design

Cindy was asked to burn a design on a custom Cedar built cabinet. This 24” square x 29”L cabinet was built by an individual to keep his new BBQ safe while traveling. The customer wanted a quail. So Cindy suggested a male quail with the exotic plumage on the head, some baby quail, and a super cool nest with grass.

The wood cabinet came apart and latches back together. The wood burning ended up helping the customer put the lid on and off the box correctly. All they had to do was line up the designs and snap the lid shut.

Diameter: 24” square x 29”L

Woodburning Design

Local Community Donations

This 2011 Festival of Trees donation was my first time working to help St. Als raise money. This Batik brought in $250.00 for the cause.

Cindy Peterson
Here Comes Santa
Sand Blasted Red Glass Platter
12” diameter
Private Collection

This 2014 Festival of Trees donation was for St. Al’s Hospital.  This sandblasted Christmas design brought in $300.00.

Cindy Peterson
Here comes Santa
Sand Blasted Red Glass Platter
Engraving signature on glass

Cindy Peterson
Woodburning donation

Got an Idea?

Here’s one. Have a custom built end or accent table.

Bring your crazy ideas to me and see if I can make them happen!

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New Ideas on Framing Batiks

Framing any artwork can be expensive and intimidating. First thing they ask is what frame do you want? Then they ask you to pick your matte color. What if you don’t find the matte color you had in mind?

We have the solution: You hire Cindy to CREATE A CUSTOM BACKGROUND FOR YOUR BATIK! The background becomes your new custom matte. She can match any color and mimic any part of your original design. Like the one you see in the zebras drinking water titled Tentative Drink.

Traditionally Batiks are framed in what is called top mounting. Meaning that the Batik fabric rests on top of the matte so the fabric’s rough edges are visible. A problematic issue with this type of mounting is you must use glue or something to attach the fabric to the matte board. These glue marks can quite often be seen through the fabric— not so pretty. Using this new design solution solves that problem.

Cindy can offer this same solution to her customers and she can recommend framers she worked with. She stands ready to help customers after the purchases of Batiks whether it’s framing customarily, treating it like a standard canvas, or trying a beautiful new way to display your artwork.

The framer wraps the fabric around the foam board which is sticky.

She secures it on the back. Framer cuts foam board to size, and she secures background custom Batik to it.

She cuts the unwanted portion of the background back away so the next foam board will stick together. The framer wraps the fabric around the sticky foam board.

She sticks the “Tentative Drink” foam board on the background foam board. She has removed unwanted Batik fabric.

She continues the framing. She sticks the “Tentative Drink” Batik on the second piece of foam board cut nearly the same size as the Batik.

See how the foam board makes the “Tentative Drink” Batik more prominent raised up above the background fabric.


Detail close up.

Beautiful Solution!

Cool New Way to Frame

  • The framer wraps the fabric around the foam board which is sticky.
  • She secures it on the back. Framer cuts foam board to size, and she secures background custom Batik to it.
  • She cuts the unwanted portion of the background back away so the next foam board will stick together. The framer wraps the fabric around the sticky foam board.
  • She sticks the “Tentative Drink” on the second piece of foam board cut nearly the same size as the Batik. She cuts the unwanted portion of the background custom Batik so the next foam board will stick together.
  • She sticks the “Tentative Drink” foam board on the background form board. She has removed unwanted Batik fabric.
  • She continues the framing. She sticks the “Tentative Drink” Batik on the second piece of foam board cut nearly the same size as the Batik.
  • See how the foam board makes the “Tentative Drink” Batik more prominent raised up above the background fabric.

  • Beautiful Solution!

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