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Drawing & Painting Class

Intro to Drawing & Painting

Instructor Cindy Peterson


Daytime Class: SPRING Draw/Paint, 12 noon- 2 pm
Night Class: SPRING Draw/Paint, 6-8 pm


In this introductory class, students will learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting while working in a professional art studio. They will be introduced to the Principals of design. They will learn to look at objects and draw what they see, not what they think they see. There will be specific assignments and exercises that will explore the mind/hand connection involved in drawing. Students will be introduced to painting with acrylic on canvas pad sheets, or canvas practice boards, or regular canvases.

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Last class includes a potluck & semi-formal critique on each student’s body of work.


  • Learn the basics of drawing.

  • Mind/hand connection.

  • Draw what you see.
  • Draw simple forms.
  • Draw still-life by direct observation.
  • Draw human anatomy.
  • Gain understanding of perspective.
  • Learn to use and clean brushes.
  • Learn color theory.
  • Create a color wheel.
  • No prior art experience required.


  • Mars plastic eraser or kneaded eraser.
  • HB premium graphite pencil and 6B-Ex soft charcoal pencil.
  • Sheet of watercolor paper (22 X 30).
  • Drawing pads (11 X 14) & (18 X 24) sizes.

  • Canvas paper pad (9 X 12 or larger) or Artists Canvas panel board AKA flat practice canvas (9 X 12 or larger)
  • Liquitex brand “BASICS” 4 oz. or similar quality Acrylic Paints in Primary Yellow, Primary Red, Primary Blue, Titanium White, Mars Black, and a bottle of Medium Extender.
  • Dress for a mess. Acrylic paints are water base and they will wash out of clothes.
  • Best prices Quality Art Supply in Garden City phone 208 672-0530 hours are M-F 9-5.


In each Group Class there will be random draws in which one student will receive a free Batik Giveaway. Classes include: Batik, Draw & Paint, Ceramic, Sandblasting. There are several different designs & sizes included in the random drawings.

price $250.00

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  • 10 week course

  • 2 hour classes
  • Daytime or Evening Courses
  • 4 to 10 people per class
  • No art training necessary

Critique time at the studio!

Some of our younger artists!

During group classes, there will be “Open Studio” TBA time/hours fee is $12.00 per hour. Students can come in and work on their projects. Cindy will be there monitoring and helping as needed, but not teaching.

Be aware, during the summer months, Cindy closes classes for vacation time.