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Live Edge Wood Slabs
“Finished” means the surface has been sanded with 60, 80, 100, 220, 320, 400 grit sandpaper. This wood is ready for burning or building with. Some wood can be planed but only if under 13″.

  • Species: Maple
  • Size: 40″L x 14″W x 1″D

The Live Edge Wood Slabs Process.
In the Fall I have to go into the fields where men are cutting slabs of wood from downed green trees. I hand pick the wood and it’s cut by big saws with long blades. I bring it back to the Studio and it has to be stacked with wood spaces between each slab and weights left to dry during spring and summer months. The wood will dry for 6-9 months.

Some slabs will bow up during this process and they can make an interesting piece. Meaning I may go ahead and burn on some design regardless of the bow. After the wood has dried it can be unstacked and used. I finish some slabs because I like them or may they may be needed for a job. The finish wood it can be run through a plainer up to a certain width and then sanded with 60,80,100,220,320,400 grit and paper.

Free estimates for wood burning artwork. If you would like a design added to your wood slab, contact me after your purchase.

All wood is approximate species, but not guaranteed.

Woodburning Examples: 

1 in stock

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