Batik Turquoise Fading Flowers


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Turquoise Fading Flowers

dip dyed

9 W x 26 L

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Caring for Batik Fabric
Warning: Cindy’s Fine Art Batiks are hand painted, complete if not partial, with Procion H Series permanent fabric dyes by Jacquard. These fabric dyes are NOT stable, colors will run if machine washed. Dyes will ruin washing machine and are not recommended to be laundered. These dyes are intended for the creation of fine artwork that primarily will end up being framed under glass.

Utilitarian objects sewn from Batik fabric such as aprons or tool bags cannot be laundered in washing machines; simply wipe with a clean damp cloth or sponge to clean. Batik fabric retains a percentage of wax and is water resistant, stiff, strong, and resists dirt. Objects can be professionally dry cleaned but once done material is no longer stiff and becomes supple to touch.